Specialist Engineering Services

Tod Media provides the following specialist engineering services:

  • Engineering fabrication
  • Engineering support services
  • Engineering demonstrations, both conception and execution
  • Engineering show script editing and development
  • Special effects and demonstration supervision

I have been working in Special Effects since 1993 which is a fantastic training ground for general engineering of every type imaginable and an equally good training ground for problem solving. Before this I worked as a product designer and animatronic engineer for Jim Henson.

This led on to specialist engineering for TV shows both in front and behind camera, show and script development, and conception and execution of demos.

I have spent two complete series of Scrapheap Challenge working in the engineering team and I love conceiving and making pretty much anything.

"Experimental series 1 and 2" – Initial: Show development, script editing, crew supervision, demo fabrication, demo execution, special effects, on and off camera.

"Zero to Hero series 1 and "2 – Thames Talkback: Engineering support, task concept development, prototype fabrication, health and safety, special effects, presented an episode.

"Monster Garage" – Thames Talkback: Engineering team member on camera.

"Scrapheap Challenge" – RDF: Team expert 5 times, engineering support all shows series 9 and 10, engineering consultant all shows 9 and 10.

"Mission Implausible" - IWC: Equipment design and manufacture for jet and rocket powered street luge, on and off camera.

"Smash Lab 2" – Darlow Smithson: Engineering consultant.

"Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections series 1"– Darlow Smithson: Demo conception, script editing, demo construction, demo operation, crew supervision, demo presentation on camera. Engineering consultant.

"Ways to save the planet" – Impossible pictures episode 1: Design, fabrication, operation and presentation of an operational coil gun; on and off camera.

"Food Factory" - BBC: Machine concept, design and fabrication, joint presenting front of camera.

"Beat the Ancestors" - Dragonfly TV: Head of Engineering, show development, project development, planning, design and operation. Presenting front of camera.

"Breaking Magic" - TV Series, Objective 2013.
Four separate engineering based magic tricks of a dangerous and highly technical nature. Manufacture and operation of tricks.

"None of the above" - TV Series, Renegade 2013.
Fast paced engineering game show format filmed in the US. Large technically challenging engineering stunts. Engineering support.

"Engine Addict with Jimmy de Ville" - Maverick 2015.
Single handedly fabricated a snow mobile, fan boat and a jet boat for an adventure engineering show filmed around the world.

"Wolf Hall" - TV Series, BBC 2015.
Archery Consultant, weaponry props.

Richard III Interment, parade scabbard.