Tod's Résumé

Leo Todeschini aka Tod Todeschini
Bsc.(Hons) MDes.Eng.(RCA)DIC

TV engineering consultancy and engineering demos, Special Effects,
model making and historical artifact reproduction
Tel: 01865 300165     Mob: 07957 434775

Skills Base - I have a number of skill sets from previous careers and interests:

Design and NPD - Product design, visual design, mechanism design, mechanical engineering, naming, concept origination and development, group and research facilitation.

Special effects - Animatronics, pyrotechnics, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanisms, atmospherics and weather, rigs, mechanics, liquids, fabrication of metals, woods and plastics, laminating, casting, machining, game design and generation.

TV Engineering Support – I have provided behind camera engineering support and consultancy for many engineering based shows, most recently as Head of Engineering on "Beat the Ancestors".

TV Presenting – I have appeared as an expert, leading a team on "Scrapheap Challenge" in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 (twice), as a team member in "Monster Garage", and as joint presenter on "Zero 2 Hero" (Series 2), "Engineering Connections", "Ways to Save the Planet", "experi-MENTAL" 1 and 2, "The Real Dambusters", "Weird Warfare", "Food Factory", and "Beat the Ancestors".

Tods Stuff – Historical reproduction items using all period media to the highest standards.

Teaching – I run engineering days for schools with specialist engineering or technology status through, and have previously tutored at Goldsmiths University in the design department.


Positions Held (some simultaneously):

  • 1993-1995: Product designer for Grey Matter Product Development Consultants.
  • 1995-1997: Freelance effects and animatronics technician.
  • 1997-2000: Models and Effects Supervisor for Complete Fabrication.
  • 1997-2000: Facilitator and New Product Development Consultant for The Gathering.
  • 1998-2000: Workshop Tutor for Goldsmiths College design department.
  • 2000-2005: Effects Supervisor for Machine Shop Special Effects Ltd.
  • 2001-Present: Everything for Tods Stuff, Tod Media, Workshop Challenge and Tods Foundry.
  • 2006: Engineering Consultant for Scrapheap Challenge series 9 for RDF Media.
  • 2007: Engineering Consultant for Scrapheap Challenge series 10 for RDF Media.
  • 2007: Engineering Consultant for Ways to save the planet; Impossible Pictures.
  • 2007: Engineering Consultant for Engineering Connections; Darlow Smithson.
  • 2008: Engineering Consultant for Smash Lab 2; Darlow Smithson.
  • 2009: Standby Armoury Technician for "Robin Hood".
  • 2010: Engineering consultant and presenter on "Weird Warfare".
  • 2011: Engineering consultant and presenter on "Food Factory".
  • 2012: Head of Engineering and presenter on "Beat the Ancestors".
  • 2013: Engineering support on "Breaking Magic" for Objective Productions.
  • 2013: Engineering support on "None Of The Above" for Renegade Productions.
  • 2015: Engineer on "Engine Addict with Jimmy de Ville" for Maverick.
  • 2015: Demo Engineer on "Genius" by Steven Hawking.
  • 2015: Archery Consultant, weaponry props on "Wolf Hall" for BBC TV.
  • 2016: Armourer on "Taboo " for BBC TV.

Notable work as an Effects Supervisor, both managing and undertaking work:

Stilts for the Millennium Dome show; Carbon/Kevlar/aluminium stilts custom designed, developed and made for the performers.

"Experi-MENTAL" series 1 and 2; a relentless series of science based, amazing stunts and effects for 8-12 year olds.

Brit Awards 1997 (crew only), 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003; live stage pyros, rigs and atmospherics for between 4 and 9 bands per show.  Supervised between 5 and 10 crew per show.

Hendon RAF Museum; developed designs and ran production crew on manufacture and installation of 14 high tech, flight themed exhibits for the new flagship gallery.

"Zero To Hero" series 1 and 2; Off screen engineering support, Engineering Health and Safety, Special Effects and joint presenting.

"Silent Witness" 2004 and 2005; props, rigs and effects for many of the individual programmes.

The Thin Guide to Models and Effects (2003); principle writer of Machine Shops’ guide, written to provide an overview to directors and producers new to working with media technologies.

Design, construction and operation of an inductance coil gun operating at 2,000V at 50,000A on behalf of Impossible Pictures for "Ways to save the planet".  Front and back of camera, 2007.

Engineering Consultant, special effects and demonstrations for Darlow Smithson for "Engineering Connections".  Front and back of camera, 2007, 2008.

Main fabricator for Doug Fosters' "Frozen" installation, 2007

"The Real Dam Busters" – TV Doc, Windfall films 2010.
Design, construction and operation of bouncing bomb test launcher; an 8m long 30cm diameter gas cannon and bomb spinning sabot. Front and back of camera.

"Weird Warfare" - TV feature length documentary, Wide Eyed Entertainment, filmed November 2010.
Assorted engineering and weapons demos on and off camera.

"Food Factory" - TV series, BBC 2011.
Demonstrations and 'shed built' food production equipment and presentation. Front and back of camera.

"Beat the Ancestors" - TV series, Dragonfly 2012.
A history and engineering TV show reinventing significant machines from the past and building improved versions. Head of engineering and joint presenter.

"Breaking Magic" - TV Series, Objective 2013.
Four separate engineering based magic tricks of a dangerous and highly technical nature. Manufacture and operation of tricks.

"None of the above" - TV Series, Renegade 2013.
Fast paced engineering game show format filmed in the US. Large technically challenging engineering stunts. Engineering support.

Built a house for myself and family in a small village in Oxfordshire with the help of two lovely Hungarians. Quite an adventure in 2014.

"Engine Addict with Jimmy de Ville" - Maverick 2015.
Single handedly fabricated a snow mobile, fan boat and a jet boat for an adventure engineering show filmed around the world.

"Wonder Woman" - TV series, Warner Bros 2015.
Weapons development. Put together a sample pack of development work on short Greek based swords for Wonder Woman.

"Taboo" - TV series, BBC 2015.
Personal weapons fabrication for Tom Hardy. A series of fighting, ethnic and naval knives from around the year 1800.

I have also supervised hundreds of jobs for TV adverts TV series, pop promos, live events, magic tricks, virals and stills photography.


Notable customers of Tods Stuff or Tod Media services:

Royal Shakespeare Company English Heritage Scrapheap Challenge
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre The National Trust Taboo
Les Miserables Mary Rose Trust (Museum) Galahad
Cyrano de Bergerac Middle Ages Centre (Norway) Wonder Woman
  Weald & Downland Museum Fanny Lye Deliver'd
  Plimoth Plantation (Museum, US) Wolf Hall (TV)
  Hampton Court Palace Kitchens Beat the Ancestors (TV)
  The Tower of London Food Factory (TV)
  The Royal Ontario Museum Camelot - Series 2 (TV)
  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Jack the Giant Killer (Film)
  The Victoria and Albert Museum Weird Warfare (TV Documentary)
  The Royal Armouries (Leeds) Fight Book (TV Documentary)
  CADW Game of Thrones - Series 2 and 3 (TV)
  Scottish Heritage Camelot (TV Mini Series)
    The Real Dambusters (TV Documentary)
    Ironclad (Film)
    Robin Hood (Film)
    Channel idents (BBC)
    T-Mobile - 'Archers' (TV Advert)
    Your Highness (Film)
    Centurion (Film)
    The Other Boleyn Girl
    The Tudors (US/UK TV)
    Colonial House (US TV)
    The Weapons that Made Britain (TV)
    Alexander (Film)
    Game of Thrones (TV)
    Snow White and the Huntsman
    None of the Above
    Breaking Magic
    Secrets of the Terracotta Army

Academic qualifications:

  • Industrial and Business Systems (Leicester Poly) 2:1
  • Industrial Design Engineering (Royal College of Art and Imperial College) - Masters
  • Diplomate of Imperial College (Imperial College, London) - Diploma


Other qualifications

  • Shrivenham/Cranfield – Safe handling of explosives
  • PADI – Open water diver


Personal statement

I have a good eye, good hands and good attention to detail with a very wide breadth of skills and can reliably fit the job to the time and the budget available. I understand history and engineering with a passion and the media industries thoroughly.

I am amiable, clear headed and calm, hard to rattle, easy to get on with, have good client and crew handling and interpersonal skills.

I live near Oxford with my wife, daughters and workshop.


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