Representation of Dover Castle

English Heritage recently refurbished the keep at Representation of Dover Castle and fitted out several of the rooms as they may have been at the time the keep was first built in 1180.

Tod Media was selected to supply the Armoury contract for Dover, which expanded as the project progressed to cover all manner of social and daily life items as well as the military ones.

Extant examples for this period of most items were either scarce or nonexistent and so English Heritages’ superb in house historians interpreted manuscript and other source material, combined with what has survived, to provide plausible briefs for the items.

For each item, I worked with them to specify materials, methods of construction and applied detailing and then went and made it.

The vision of the project team was to reproduce what may have been there as well as they could, to the highest standards of realism. This meant that they were looking for real items rather than props and so they turned to historical craftspeople such as myself, to provide the artifacts.