Sword Scabbards

Tod's Stuff makes scabbards and harness of the highest quality and historical accuracy. We will make them to fit both you and your sword perfectly and will tailor them for your particular requirements whatever that may be.

Not only do we specialise in making historically accurate leather covered wooden scabbards, we also are well known for the excellent standard and variety of the metalwork associated with them and the fit of the harness.

When you wear a Tod's Stuff scabbard it looks, feels and wears like the real thing, because it is the real thing.

The scabbard cores are made of poplar, covered in vegtan leather and made around your sword. The harness is also in vegtan leather and the buckles, plates, fittings and studs are in bronze, brass or iron.

To make a scabbard I will either need your sword or if you have an Albion, I will be able to make one for you without the need for your sword, if it is on this list.

These pages will help you decide what features your scabbard will have and how you would like your scabbard to look.

  • img - sword in scabbard - linkScabbard Gallery
  • img - sword with scabbard - linkScabbard Pricing
  • img - scabbard - linkAnatomy of a Scabbard
  • img - sword in scabbard - linkMetalwork examples
  • img - scabbard - linkDecorative Elements
  • img - sword in scabbard - linkScabbard styles & dates
  • img - sword hilt - linkWearing Sword Belts