Tod's Stuff - Shields

I make highly accurate shields that are either fully authentically plank built or ply built (but you would never know), they are fully finished inside and out with either gesso or leather and fully harnessed.

img - pavaise shieldimg - pavaise shield

Metalwork is hand forged, padding is done in canvas and wool and all leather is vegtan or rawhide. Shields can be painted or left white from the gesso.

img - kite shieldimg - shield

Where appropriate they are covered in leather or linen canvas and can be gesso covered over this. Metal or rawhide edging is used where appropriate and they all come fully harnessed.

img - wooden shield handles img - wooden shield handle in use img - shield straps

Any bosses used are hand raised and any riveting/nailing is done with rose head nails.

img - shield stylesimg - shield strap styles

I hope to be expanding these pages over the next year or so.