Tod's Stuff - Domestic Knives

I make my knives with period appropriate materials, and decoration and all come with hand sewn vegtan leather scabbards with fittings and decoration where appropriate.

When I make something I want to give it my soul as well as my time and feel this is not done through modern precision manufacture but by hand work and this will show in every piece I make; just like every original piece you look at.

My personal goal, it is that a cutler from centuries ago would look at a bench with my work on it, would pick up pieces, examine them and find nothing unusual about them.

I hold many knives in stock and can send out pictures, or please feel free to commission me if there is something particular you need.

Which historical knife do I buy?

  • imgSeax
  • imgEarly Medieval Eating Knives
  • imgMedieval Eating Knives
  • Eating Knife KitsTudor/Stewart Eating Knives
  • imgPenknives
  • imgRazors
  • imgCook's Knives