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1. 15thC Jousting shield - Full contact jousting shield. Padded rear, veg tan straps, handforged buckles. Size H: 42cm/17", W: 42cm/17" - £550 £550

img - in stock item 1
2. SOLD 15thC laburnum cooks set - 3 piece set of cooking knives with bronze bolsters, laburnum grips and red leather veg tan sheath. Blade lengths 5.5"/14cm, 7.5"/19cm, 9"/23cm.  Handle lengths 4"/10cm, 4.5"/11cm, 4.5"/11cm. Set £420 £SOLD

img - in stock item 2
3. 14thC horn and brass eating knife - Black horn scales, twisted brass bolster, mosaic handle pins, brass inlaid makers mark. Black stamped veg tan scabbard. Overall 22cm/8.75", blade 13cm/5", grip length 9cm/3.5", £170 £170

img-in stock item 3
4. 14thC Horn Eating - Horn handle scales, sheet brass bolsters. file work on the spine and a brass inlaid makers mark.  Black leather sheath with simple incides decoration. Overall length 9.25/23cm, grip 3.5"/9cm, blade 5.5"/14cm £120 £120

img - in stock item 4
5. SOLD 13th-16thC bronze eating set - popular handle form from 13th-16thC, set of 3 items, pricker, spoon and knife. Eating only, not general purpose.  Black veg tan leather scabbard. Knife overall length 20cm/8", handle 10cm/4", £160 £SOLD

img - in stock - item 5
6. Engraved Rondel circa 1400 - Bronze hilted rondel dagger with engraved decoration and stout single edged blade.  Blade has stepped ricasso area and angled false edge. Black decorated veg tan sheath with bronze chape.  Blade length 11"/28cm, grip length 4"/10cm, overall length 15"/39cm £360 £360

img - in stock - item 6
7. Box handled penknife - Sheet bronze bolsters, filework to the spine, 14th-16thC. Overall length 6.5"\16cm, Grip length 4.5"/11cm, blade 1.75"/4.5cm  £70 £70

img - in stock item 7
8.  SOLD 14th-18thC - Cooks set - Stout chopping blades, bronze bolsters, cherry wood scales, copper and brass scale pins. Brown veg tan leather scabbard with incised decoration. Largest knife, overall 31cm/12.5",  blade length 20cm/8cm, grip 11cm/4.25". £300 £SOLD

img - in stock - item 8
9.  SOLD 15thC  3 piece eating set in horn - Eating set with bronze spoon. Knife has brass bolsters with horn grips and filework spine, pricker has horn grips, reg veg tan sheath. Blade length 5.5"/14cm, grip length 3.5"/9cm, overall length 9"/23cm. £240 £SOLD

img - in stock item 9
10. SOLD Albion Gdaddjhahlt/Arn Scabbard - 10th-11th style Viking scabbard. Poplar core, veg tan outer, bronze Brighthampton chape, tied sword belt. £490 £SOLD

img - in stock item 10
11. Triple lobe bollock dagger
Late 15thC French dagger with yew grip and bronze guard and engraved pommel plate. Triple edged triangular blade, black leather sheath and bronze chape. Overall length 16.5"/42cm, grip 3.5"/9cm, blade 12"/30cm. £360


img - in stock item 11
12. SOLD 12- 14thC Cleaver with hole - Strong, thick blade, hole at peak with punchwork around it. Brass inlaid makers mark, boxwood handle, no scabbard, supplied in a linen wrap. Blade length 25cm/10", overall length 36cm/14", grip length" £140 £SOLD

img - in stock item 12
13. Olive wood handled eating knife - 14th/15thC eating knife with olive wood grips, bronze bolster plates and decorated black veg tan leather sheath. Blade length 6"/15cm, grip length 3.5"/9cm, overall 9.5"/24cm. £125 £125

img - in stock item 13
14. Landsknecht half ring dagger, 16thC -  Fluted boxwood grip. Brass guard and pommel cap, bronze tang button, strong double edged blade, red veg tan leather scabbard with bronze chape. Overall 37cm/14.5", blade blade 27cm/10.5", grip 9cm/3.5" £370 £370

img - in stock item 14
15.15thC horn handled eating knife - Sheet brass bolsters on handle, filework to the spine.  Brass inlaid makers mark.  Red stamped and incised scabbard.  Overall length 7.25"/18cm, Grip 3.25"/8cm, blade 4"/10cm  £140 £140

img - in stock item 15
16. 14thC brass and Box eating knife - Sheet brass bolsters, brass pommel, filework to the spine. Brass inlaid makers mark.  Stepped false edge on the blade. Red scabbard with incised and stamped decoration. Overall length 7”/18cm, grip 3.25"/8cm, blade 3.5"/9cm £140. £140

img - in stock item 16
17.  14th-15thC Antler handled eating knife - Sturdy balde with copper inlaid makers mark, antler scales with bronze bolsters. Red veg tan sheath with incised decoration and woven white leather suspension thong. Overall 21cm/8.5",  blade 12cm/4.75", blade 12cm/4.75" grip 9cm/3.5cm,  £150 £150

img - in stock item 17
18. Trefoil Landsknecht dagger - Dagger with formed steel guard and pommel with wooden grip overlaid with leather and steel bars. Fine diamond section blade with copper inlaid mark.  Wooden leather covered scabbard with fabricated steel throad and chape fittings. Based on a piece from the Wallace. Overall length 14.5"/37cm, grip length 3.5"/9cm, blade 10"/25cm £990 £990

img - in stock item 18
19. SOLD. 15thC Flemish bollock dagger. Ebony hilt, brass fittings, bronze studs. Unusual double edged blade, black veg tan leather scabbard with white leather suspension thong and brass chape. Overall length 45cm/17.5",  Blade 33cm/13",  grip 9cm/3.5". £600 £SOLD

img - in stock item 19
20. Red painted late 15th/16thC Bracer
A bracer with stamped, incised, tooled and painted decoration incorporating the IHS monogram and the Tudor rose.  It is worn as a single strap formed as a Y with a bronze buckle.  Will fit arm circumference (measure wearing sleeves or bare as you will wear it) 9"-12.5"/23-32cm £140

img - in stock item 20
21. SOLD 14th/15thC Box eating knife - box wood scales, bronze sheet work bolsters, copper inlaid makers mark. Brown leather sheath with incised decoration. Overall length 9"/23cm, grip 3.5"/9cm, 5"/13cm. £130 £SOLD

img - in stock item 21
22. 14thC Baselard - A German or Swiss style baselard dated from the 14thC. The strong diamond section blade has an inlaid makers mark and a single fuller each side. The top and bottom guards are steel and with brass liners and the grip is holly. The top guard is peened and has two decorative bronze location rivets. Blade 10"/26cm, grip 3.5"/9cm and overall 14.75"/38cm  £380 £380

img - in stock item 22
23. Late 17thC dirk
Late 17thC/early 18thC dirk with bronze pommel and guard, with turret nut and box wood grip. Long single edged blade with sharpened false edge toward tip. Leather scabbard with bronze chape and simple geometric patterns. Blade length 38cm/15” , grip length 80mm/3.25”, overall length 51cm/20”.

img - in stock item 23
24. SOLD Albion Agincourt/Talhoffer scabbard - 15thC scabbard to fit Albion sword. Poplar core with veg tan covering. Red embossed belts and straps. Bronze chape and belt fittings. £520 £SOLD

img - in stock item 24
25. SOLD 14th-16thC Cooks knives - Strong thick blades, some filework to the spine, cherry handels with bronze bolsters, brown veg tan scabbard. Large knife overall 31cm/12", blade 20cm/8", grip 11cm/4.25" £350 £SOLD

img - in stock item 25
26.  12th-15thC Chopping knife - Strong tough blade with punched dots at the peak. Bozwood grip, no scabbard, comes in a linen wrap. Overall 39cm/15.25", blade 28cm/11", grip 11cm/4.25" £140 £140

img - in stock item 26
27. 14thC Bone eating knife - Brass bolsters and dot and circle drilled decoration to the scales. Brass inlaid makers mark.  File decoration to the spine. Brown stamped and incised decorated scabbard. Overall 9.5"/24cm, grip 4"/10cm, blade 5.5"/14cm £140 £140

img - in stock item 27
28. Triple loved bollock datter - French late 15th, early 16thC formed from boxwood grip with bronze cap and balls. Triangular blade, black veg tan leather scabbard with bronze chape. Overall 44cm/17", blade 33cm/13", grip 10cm/3.75" £360 £360

img - in stock item 28
29. 14th/15thC Box eating knife - Box handle scales, sheet brass bolsters, filework to the spine with brass inlaid makers mark and a clipped point. Red leather scabbard with incised decoration. Overall 7"/18cm, grip 3"/8cm, blade 3.75'/9.5cm £130 £130

img - in stock item 29
30. 14th/15thC Yew eating knife - Sheet brass bolsters and pommel, brass inlaid makers mark, red leather scabbard with incised decoration. Overall length 9"/23cm, grip 3.75"/10cm, blade 5.25"/13cm. £130 £130

img - in stock item 30
31.   SOLD  15thC London Rondel - Inspired by MOL piece early to mid 15thC. Hollow steel discs, turned boxwood grip, bronze tang button. Stout single edged blade with angled false edge and black veg tan leather sheath with bronze chape. Blade length 13"/33cm, grip length 3.75"/9.5cm,overall length 18.5"/47cm £390 £SOLD

img - in stock item 31

32.  15thC Cooks Set
Set of 3 cooks knives with deep blades, bronze bolsters and yew handles in a double layer, brown veg tan sheath. Blades are 4.5"/6"/8" or 12cm/15cm/20cm, grips are 3.5"/4"/4.35" or 9cm/10cm/11cm. £350

img - in stock item 32
33. 14thC 'Dot and Circle' Eating knife - Bone handled with drilled 'dot and circle' decoration, filework to the spine, brass inlaid makers mark and brass sheetwork bolster and cap. Black leather scabbard with simple mythical beast carving. Overall 8.75"/22cm, grip 3.5"/9cm, blade 5"/13cm  £160 £160

img - in stock item 33
34.  SOLD Leather quiver - 15th and 16thC crossbow quiver made in leather.  Will suit bolts up to 16"/425mm in length. £160 £SOLD

img - in stock item 34
35. SOLD  15th to 17thC Cooks set
Set of 2 cooks knives with box wood handles and bronze bolsters, pins are brass filled copper. Sheath is double layer veg tan leather in brown with stamped and incised decoration. Blades are 6"/8" or 15cm/20cm, grips are both 10cm/4". £290

img - in stock item 35
36.     Albion Burgundian scabbard - Fits Albion Burgundian sword. Poplar core. red veg tan outer with stamped decioration. Stamped decorated belts and straps with bronze fittings throughout and bronze chape. £540 £540

img - in stock item 36
37.   14th-17thC Cleaver - Strong blade with riveted boxwood grips. Copper inlaid makers mark. No scabbard but comes wrapped in linen. Overall 34cm/13.5", blade 24cm/9.5", grip 10cm/4". £160.  £160

img - in stock item 37
38. Box wood Landsknecht dagger - Double edged blade,box wood grip with brass guard and cap in red veg tan leather sheath with bronze chape.   Overall 14"/37cm, grip 3.5"/9cm, blade 10.5"/27cm. £370 £370

img - in stock item 38
39. 16thC Plated Jack - Natural linen inner and outer with around 8 alternating layers of wool and linen padding. 2 layers of square steel. overlapping plates 1.2mm thich. Unfinished project. Sold as seen. More photos if required. Currently tailored to fit 44" chest but plenty of room inside seams to extend as I overlapped it when I made it for this purpose. £350 £350

img - in stock item 39
40.   Peppermill - Mary Rose style 3 part pepper mill 15th/16thC, Beech. £85 £85

img - in stock item 40
41. Unusual Single edged quillon - Unusual single edged quillon dagger with a stout blade and steel guard and pommel. Cord bound leather covered grip. Red leather sheath with bronze chape. 13th through to 15thC. Overall 14.5"/37cm, grip 3.5"/9cm, blade 9.5"/24cm. £380 £380

img - in stock item 41
42. 13th-16thC Mincing knife - Very strong long carving blade, coper inlaid makers mark, boxwood handle. Comes in linen wrap. Overall 43cm/17", blade 33cm/13", grip 10cm/4". £140 £140

img - in stock item 42
43.  Reivers dagger - Late 16thC Northern English/Lowland Scottish basket hilted dagger. Loosely based on a piece in York museum. Steel guard and pommel, cord bound leather grip. Heavy spined hollow ground double edged blade with copper inlaid makers mark. Red leather sheath with fabricated steel fittings. Overall 20"/51cm, 4.25"/11cm, blade 14"/36cm. £850 £850

img - in stock item 43
44. SOLD 15thC box handled eating set - 3 piece set of bronze spoon, knife and pricker gripped in box wood, in black veg tan leather sheath. Knife has brass bolster and pommel with engraved IHC and file work to spine. Blade lentth 5"/13cm, grip length 4"/10cm, overall length 9"/23cm. £240  £SOLD

img - in stock item 44
45. SOLD Fist hammer - Mid 15th German and Bohemian hammer: two handed. Bronze fist with steel dagger and pommel mounted on waxed and dyed ash haft with steel cap. Overall length 33.5"/85cm, weight 3lbs 2ox/ 1.4kg £280     £SOLD

img - in stock item 45
46. SOLD Circa 1500 quillon dagger
Interesting quillon dagger based around 1500 and of German or English origin. Hollow bronze pommel and bronze guard with a shell shaped nagel, box wood grip. Strong single edged blade with faceted false edge. Double layer veg tan sheath in black with carved mythical beast decoration and bronze chape. Blade length 21cm/8", grip length 9.5cm/3.75", overall length 33cm/13". £370

img - in stock item 46
47. SOLD  Talhoffer bollock dagger
Box gripped bollock dagger based on ideas by Talhoffer, mid 15thC. Box wood grip, bronze gueard and cap, strong hollow ground double edged blade in red veg tan leather sheath with bronze chape. Blade length 12.5"/32cm, grip 3.5"/9cm, overall 18"/46cm. £370

img - in stock item 47
48. SOLD 13th-15thC kitchen knife -  punched eye at the peak. copper inlaid makers mark, boxwood grip. Comes in a  linen wrap. Overall 27cm/10.75", blade 16cm/6.5", grip 10cm/4". £90

img - in stock item 48
49. SOLD Rothenburg dagger - Late 15thC bollock dagger based on a piece in Rothenberg. Black stained grip with decorated and engraved bronze guard and cap. Unusual and very strong armour piercing blade with reinforced point and leather covered wood scabbard with bronze chape. Blade length 12"/30cm, grip length 3.75"/9.5cm, overall length 17.5"/44cm. £490 £SOLD

img - in stock item 49
50. Early 16thC steel hilted rondel
Typical German rondel dagger of the early to mid 16thC. Steel hilt components with fluted grip and small rondel with turned down edge. Strong, needle sharp triangular blade, double layer veg tan sheath with bronze chape. Blade length 25cm/10", grip length 9.5cm/3.75", overall length 36cm/14". £360

img - in stock item 50
51. 14th/15thC laburnum bollock dagger - Simple laburnum handled bollock dagger with raised bronze cap and stout single edged blade, brown veg tan leather sheath with bronze chape. Blade length 9.5"/24cm, grip length 3.5"/9cm, overall 14"/36cm. £240 £240

img - in stock item 51
52. 16thC Tart knife
Tart knife from Scappis manuscript with copper inlaid makers mark, bronze bolsters and box wood handle. Blade length 25cm/10", grip length 12cm/4.5", £140

img - in stock item 52
53. Clipped and punched kitchen knife 13th-15thC. Punched decoration to blade, copper inlaid makers mark, boxwood grip. Comes in a linen wrap. Overall 26cm/10.5", Blade 15cm/6", grip 11cm/4.5". £100 £100

img - in stock item 53
54. SOLD 14th/15thC box handled eating knife - Simle eating knife with octagonal box wood grips, bronze bolster and  stamped and decorated brown veg tan leather sheath. Blade length 5.5"/14cm , grip length 3.5"/9cm, overall 9"/23cm. £125 £SOLD

img - in stock item 54
55. 13th-15thC Cranked kitchen knife - General purpose kitchen knife, strong blade, copper inlaid makers mark, boxwood handle. Comes ina  linen wrap. Overall 26cm/10", Blade 15cm/6", grip 11cm/4.25". £90 £90

img - in stock item 55
56. Spectacle frames and case - Box wood spectacle frames (ready for your lenses) and decorated black leather carrying case. £130 £130

img - in stock item 56
57. General kitchen knife 13th-15thC - Strong blade with copper inlaid makers mark. boxwood grip, overall 24cm/9.5" blade 13cm/5.25", grip 11cm/4.25". £90 £90

img - in stock item 57
58. Albion Arn Scabbard - Poplar cored scabbard covered in veg tan leather with tied belt and geatures hand carved cross motif at throat and bronze chape. Fits Albion Arn perfectly.  £490 £490

img - in stock item 58
59. 17thC bronze handled dirk - Bronze gripped dirk. late 17thC early 18thC with strong single edged blade with fuller. Black leather decorated sheath with bronze chape. Please note the short griplength is in line with originals. Blade length 16"/41cm, grip length 2.75"/7cm overall length 21"/53cm £390

img - in stock item 59
60. SOLD Medium general kitchen knife - 13th-16thC, Strong blade with brass inlaid makers mark, overall 29cm/11.5", blade 19cm/7.5", grip 10.5cm/4.25". Comes in a linen wrap. £100 £SOLD

img - in stock item 60

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